St James’ is supporting Toybox to help street children in Central America.

Founded in 1992, Toybox has always identified itself as a Christian organisation, but what does this mean in practice? Essentially it means that the motivation for our work with street children is the direct result of the teachings and example of Jesus as recorded in the Bible.  
We believe in one God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit – who is: 

  • Compassionate –with a particular focus on children and those living in poverty
  • Loving – welcoming of all
  • Forgiving – through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus we are given a perfect example of forgiveness
  • Just – seeking what is right and fair
  • Courageous – unafraid to push for change

Our Christian belief inspires and motivates us to engage with everyone, both with those who have a faith and with those who have none, and irrespective of race, culture, gender, age or social position. 

For more information about Toybox please see their website here.