Dry Rot

Sadly Dry Rot has been discovered in the tower of St James’ Church.  We are still in the middle of investigations into the extent of the dry rot and further scaffolding will need to be erected in church to check how far the fungus has travelled along the roof supports. We also have a potential problem on the South side of the apse and possibly in the prayer corner.

Robinsons Timber Preservation Ltd. have completed the floor area in the tower and have injected fungicide into the walls to kill off any remaining fungus in the stonework. Plastering should commence soon in the porch area and then the scaffolding in that area can be removed.

We still do not have a clear cost for the complete project until all areas have been investigated. However, we do know that we will need at least £50,000 to complete the work.   Attempts are being made to obtain grant funding, but in most cases the granting bodies want to see local financial responses in cash and kind.

A sub group of the PCC is looking into ways in which we can all help to maintain our church building for use by us, the wider community and as a significant presence on the Blackburn skyline.

Please pray for the church building.


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